Friday, August 16, 2013

The chapter that I have read is from "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess. The chapter that I have read was about a boy named Alex. He did not have no where to go because he parents had kicked him out. He went to the library to read some of the books. But, while he was at the library he met a guy that him and his old friends attacked some years ago. The man was furious to see Alex. He started shouting to Alex with his friends joining the conversation. Alex was not happy about the situation because he believe that he changed his life around and that he had served his time in prison. The man and his friends was trying to attack him but, the man in charge of the library stop it from happening. He had told the men that he was going to call the police on them. The men still ran after Alex and beat him down until the police. When the police came, they had stop what they was doing and Alex realize that he know two of the police officers. One was his old enemy. The other one was his old friend, Dim. They was glad to see Alex and they took him into the country. They had beat him up and left in the field. He found a place to stay a man house in the country. The author intent as to make the story interesting with the characters and the plot. The author use chronological order to organize the story.